Top tips for a successful pole class, every class!

by | Jul, 2020 | Training Tips

Once upon a time, I was a beginner. I was also a beginner with one arm in a 2-armed pole class and I had no idea how this would turn out! Well, guess what? That was like 2008, and here I am.

So, here’s what I wish beginner-Deb knew.

1. Do the pre-work to get the best out of your class. Don’t show up hungry, dehydrated, tired, over-full or cranked up on sugar. Don’t moisturise the day of, or for me, the day before. Pick your outfit, pack your grip aids, towel and water bottle ready to GO.

2. Arrive 5 minutes early. The time on the schedule is when your class starts, so to arrive at that time is actually late! Pole class is a shared experience with a group, so if you’re late, it disrupts the group AND the experience. Be a part of a great experience for everyone – that is when you’ll have the best time, too!

3. Go to class with an open mind and a positive attitude. Your self-talk is the voice you believe, did you know that? So, if you tell yourself you can’t do it – you won’t do it. When you’re new to something, it’s really difficult to be all “I can do it!” all the time. For me, what worked was telling my internal monologue and self-talk to just be quiet and let me TRY. Just Try. It might not happen today but be open to it happening next week.

4. TRUST – Your Instructor.

Our instructors are among the most qualified and experienced out there. Did you know that? They are also some of the most caring people I’ve ever met! They want to see you SHINE and will give you all the tools you need to do it. If you need help – they are there in a flash! So call on them, and count on them. More than anything, we want to see you happy and fall in love with pole exactly the same way we have.

5. TRUST – The Process.

There are no short-cuts. Everyone learns at different rates. That’s why our curriculum is self-paced! You aren’t in competition with anyone, and there’s no pressure to be at their level. Talk to your instructor if you’re struggling to accept where you’re at – but really, just be patient! You don’t need to be strong to start – you start to get strong! It takes time. We can help you with whatever is troubling you, be it grip or something else. Learning what works best for you is a big part of your pole journey. There isn’t one recipe. Enjoy experimenting with yours to find the best flavour combinations!

6. TRUST – Your Classmates.

We are a non-judgmental and body-positive group. Wear what makes you feel cute/comfy. We need our thighs and bellies and arms to grip the pole! So they’ll need to be on display sometimes – just like everyone around you! Just relax. Put your capabilities WAY ahead of your appearance. Empowerment comes from knowing how strong you are – not how pretty it looked. That being said, as an instructor, I appreciate it so much when you smell nice and clean <3 Thank you!

7. Put yourself out there and move beyond your comfort zone. THAT, my friend, is how we grow as people. Try EVERYTHING at least once. A move you’re scared of (with support!), a dance class that makes you feel funny and awkward – facing up to our challenges and tackling them teaches us they really aren’t so scary. We are stronger than we know! This is how your confidence and self-esteem will grow.

I hope you found something in there useful! I can’t wait to see you in the studio!

Big love,

Deb Xx

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Deb Roach is a 3 times International Pole Championship Ultimate Champion title holder, and the owner and founder of Stargazer Studios. Pole was instrumental in healing her relationship with her body and taught her to focus on what she CAN do, rather than those things she can’t. It’s a passion she’s determined to share.