The Stargazer Code


Congratulations on your decision to join The Stargazer Society!

You’re going to love it here, but there are few things we need to cover off so that you know what  we expect from you and what your legal rights are.


Wherever “the Studio” or the words “us”, “our” or “we” are referred to, it means Stargazer Pole Studio and all staff, teachers, agents, contractors, volunteers, members and representatives.

The words “you”, “your”, and “member” refer to you as a member of Stargazer Pole Studio. If you are under 18, it also includes your parent or guardian.

“Studio Activities” refer to any and all Studio sanctioned activities including classes, practice sessions, events or social engagements.


Let’s get the general expectations of you, as a member, out of the way first. Please;

  • comply with our code and follow the directions of our staff
  • let us know if you have any pre-existing injuries or health risks
  • pay your fees on time, every time, and
  • keep us updated with any change of your personal details including address, phone number, bank account, etc.

Class Conduct

Our Studio environment is unique in that it is welcoming, supportive, empowering and uplifting. We need you, as one of our members, to play your role in making sure that stays true. Any display of disrespectful, rude, harassing or otherwise offensive behaviour will result in removal from the class. Depending on the situation, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership. 

As a member of The Stargazer Society, we will go above and beyond to make sure your class experience is always a positive and rewarding one. To help with this, please adhere to the following:

  • Please be on time. Showing up late is disrespectful and disruptive both to your instructor and other students. Our insurance requires that you warm up properly! Please do not enter the studio when class is in progress – this is part of our COVID Safe plan. Please leave promptly so the next class can start on time.
  • Phones on silent. Please avoid taking/making calls and sending/receiving messages – be present and make the most of it! If urgent – please step outside.
  • Take off any jewelry (rings!) that might scratch the poles. Removing jewelry at the studio is at your risk. As our staff are busy teaching classes, we can’t accept any responsibility for items that go missing. Lost property is donated to charity after 2 weeks.
  • Let us know at the start of each class, if you don’t want to appear in any photos or videos. We love capturing our moments of success and joy. Photos and videos taken in the studio may be used for social media or promotional purposes. Agreeing to the Stargazer Code gives us authority to use your image, likeness or recording, without reference or payment to you – unless you let us know.
  • Use the towel provided to clean your pole thoroughly before and after class. Please return this towel to the laundry bag as you leave.
  • You’re welcome to use our props and equipment -please clean it with the disinfectant wipes provided. We offer spray to use on straps, ankle weights and soft blocks.
  • Once you enter the studio, please remove your shoes. The only footwear to be worn in the studio are pole specific shoes, as long as they are not worn outdoors.
  • Please wear appropriate clothes. As a beginner in pole, you need a crop top, singlet and bike shorts. As we have underage children and minors attending some classes, pasties and g-strings are not permitted. Be sexy, but stay classy – keep your private parts private. If you want hot tips on great pole gear – just ask us!
  • Please bring a water bottle, sweat towel and exercise mat to class. If you forget your water, use a plastic cup in the kitchen & please wash it up after. Mats are available to rent for $2.
  • We do not provide child minding facilities, however, your well-behaved and non-disruptive children may join you. Please check them in with our Service NSW QR code. No other guests can attend your class, unless booked in for a trial. We provide a safe space for our members to train in comfort, away from the prying eyes of strangers.


If you have purchased a membership that entitles you to a certain number of classes per week, this is called a subscription membership. If you purchase a 10 or 20 pack of classes, you are still a member as you are entering into a relationship with Stargazer Studios.

Please refer to your membership agreement for full details of all fees and inclusions.

The following policies apply to all membership types, excluding Pole4Kids.

  • Please use the GymMaster App or visit https://stargazer.gymmasteronline.com/ to manage your class bookings.
  • To avoid overtraining and associated injuries, we limit you to participating in a maximum of 2 pole classes per day. You can join stretch and fitness classes on the same day.
  • You can change your booking up to 6 hours prior to your class. Cancellation of booking within 6 hours of commencement will incur a $15.00 “late cancel” fee. 
  • If you have booked a class and fail to attend or late cancel, we will charge you a $30.00 “no show” fee.

We aren’t a gym with big group fitness classes that can have 30 people. We only have 8 poles. So, to manage our capacity, it’s really important to know who is going to attend class. For some classes, poles are in high demand with a full waitlist and people desperate to join. They deserve a chance to claim the spot if you can’t. Other classes are quiet, and we can’t run a class with less than 3 students.

Changes to class schedules

We will periodically change the timetable to keep things interesting, or to adjust to instructor availability. We always provide advance warning for planned timetable changes.

Unplanned changes are extremely rare, but in the event that class has to be cancelled due to sickness or other unavailability of the instructor, we will provide you with as much notice as possible in the circumstances. We will also assist you in rebooking, which may mean offering you an additional class the following week.

We require a minimum of 3 participants in order to run a class. We may cancel or reschedule classes if there are insufficient bookings. We will assist you in rebooking, which may mean offering you an additional class the following week.

Making sure we have your current mobile phone number will help us to give you notice of scheduling changes at the earliest opportunity.



By agreeing to this contract, you authorise EziDebit to regularly deduct fees using your billing details, as provided to Stargazer Pole Studio. For details of the frequency and amount to be deducted, please refer to your separate membership agreement.

We are more than happy to change your payment frequency and billing date. Please email your request for changes to admin@stargazerstudios.com.au

Membership roll-over

Pole is extremely fun and addictive! So rather than making you sign up again every 12 months, we automatically roll-over your Membership. If you don’t want to roll-over your membership, please let us know at least 1 month before the end of your current year.

Changing your membership package

Want to upgrade so you can spend more time with us? You Great! Just send an email to admin@stargazer.com.au and we’ll help make that happen in line with your payment cycle. 

A bit too busy and need to cut back on classes? We don’t mind if you downgrade 1 level to the next membership below your current membership (Eg 2 classes per week to 1 class per week). Please send us an email and this will take effect in 14 days from the date of written notification.

If you’d like to downgrade more than 1 level, this is a significant change to your relationship with us and will incur a $75 fee.

Online classes, stretch and fitness classes are additions to your base pole membership and may be added and removed at any time, free of charge.

Suspending your membership

Going on holiday? You lucky thing! Just give us 14 days written notice and we’ll suspend your membership for up to 8 weeks per calendar year for just $2 per billing period.

If you become pregnant – congratulations! Give us 14 days notice and we’ll happily suspend your membership for up to 12 months, free of charge. We want you back when you’re ready – but we won’t take you back until Baby is at least 6 weeks old. It’s for your own good, Mumma! Please inform your instructor of any complications upon your return.

Membership suspensions due to injury or illness are also free of charge, but require a written explanation of the nature of your illness or physical incapacity and how this prevents you from engaging in the Studio Activities, together with a medical certificate from your doctor. We’ll also need written clearance from your doctor for you to return to Studio Activities.

Members in Arrears

If you are overdue $150 or more in membership fees, you have not upheld your end of the bargain so unfortunately neither can we. We reserve the right to deny you entry to the Studio or Studio Activities until a payment plan is in place to bring you up to date with your payments.

If you are over $300 in debt to us and fail to make payments to reduce that within 3 months – eg unpaid cancellation fees as outlined below, we will automatically hand over to our preferred debt collection agency. This is not good for your credit rating, so please keep us informed and let’s work together to settle any arrears.

Cancelling your membership

7 day Cooling off period

In accordance with the NSW Health and Fitness Industry Code of Practice, your membership is subject to a 7-day cooling off period from the date you first join. If you wish to cancel within the cooling off period, a written cancellation request should be directed to admin@stargazersteudios.com.au  within this period. A $75.00 fee will be payable to cover our administration costs.

Cancellation (Outside Cooling Off)

If the cooling off period has expired you can still cancel your membership at any time for any reason by providing notice to us in writing and paying a lump sum equivalent of $300. If you are cancelling with less than 6 months remaining on your contract, this fee is only $150. All Pole4Curves memberships are 6 months in duration and incur a $150 cancellation fee. You must also settle any fees that are outstanding at the time of cancellation. 

If you become permanently sick or physically incapacitated, we understand that you are unable to benefit from our services. If you need to cancel for this reason, please submit a written explanation of the nature of your illness or physical incapacity and how this prevents you from engaging in the Studio Activities, together with a medical certificate from your doctor. In this case, the cancellation fee is only $75. You will also need to settle any outstanding fees at the time of cancellation.

All cancellations require 14 days notice from the date of notification for us to action, during which time your membership will remain active and you are encouraged to attend classes if possible.

Changes to Membership Fees

Our costs go up, so occasionally we may adjust our membership fee schedule. If you pay by direct debit, this will only affect you after the minimum term of your Membership expires. Don’t worry too much, prices haven’t risen since 2016!

If your membership fee is due to go up at the end of your current membership, we will give you 14 days written notice of the new cost, simply do nothing if you are happy to continue at the higher rate at that time.  If you do not want to continue after getting that notice, simply respond to us in writing at least one month before the end of your current Membership term.


During your membership, we will have access to personal information about you, such as information about your health, phone, email, DOB, address, bank account and credit card authorisations. We will only use, disclose or deal with your information in line with our privacy policy. This Privacy Policy applies to the services offered by Adaptive Arts Pty Ltd T/A Stargazer Pole Studio (ABN 17 631 901 481).

1. Statement of Commitment

Stargazer Pole Studio is committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information we collect. Stargazer Pole Studio complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This policy explains how we may collect, use, disclose and otherwise handle personal and sensitive information. Stargazer Pole Studio recognises that individuals have a right to control how their personal information is collected and used. Providing personal information is an act of trust and it is taken seriously. Unless given consent to do otherwise, Stargazer Pole Studio will only collect and use personal information as set out below. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy personal information may mean some or all of the following: a member’s name, contact details, date of birth, emergency contact details, bank account and/or credit card details, student identification details, employment details, payment history and sensitive information. 

2. Collecting personal information 

Stargazer Pole Studio will not collect or monitor any personal information about an individual without their consent. The only personal information collected is what is provided voluntarily by a member or prospective member. We collect personal information primarily to enable us to provide members with our services. Stargazer Pole Studio may also use the information for marketing to you or for any other purpose permitted under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). You don’t need to identify yourself when you deal with us (e.g. to find out more about membership packages) however in certain situations we will only deal with individuals who have identified themselves to us. Personal information will be requested with any purchase in order to provide the requested service or product, provide updated information, and advise of other Stargazer Pole Studio products, which may be of interest. You are not obligated to provide personal information however failure to do so may result in Stargazer Pole Studio being unable to provide services or products to you. Personal information is collected directly from members or potential future members when they personally sign up for an account via the GymMaster, Website account and/or submit an application by any other means, such as social media or phone call, to become a member of Stargazer Pole Studio. 

3. Collecting Sensitive Information 

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy sensitive information means the information a member has disclosed to us about their physical and mental health and well being. Sensitive information will only ever be used for providing services to members. Such information will not be used or disclosed for any other purposes without consent, except in exceptional cases when disclosure may be required by law or is necessary to protect the rights or property of Stargazer Pole Studio, or any member of the public, or to lessen a serious threat to a person’s health or safety. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy sensitive information is a subset of personal information. 

4. Use of tracking technologies 

Stargazer Pole Studio uses tracking technologies such as cookies or web beacons to make use of the website and services as convenient as possible. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to a computer’s hard disk for record keeping purposes. Web Beacon is a technical method that sends information related to the access to websites, when you browse websites, open or preview an HTML-formatted email. Most web browsers are set to accept tracking technologies such as cookies or web beacons. These tracking technologies do not themselves personally identify users, although they do identify a user’s browser. These tracking technologies allow Stargazer Pole Studio to monitor the Stargazer Pole Studio web site, and to record how many people are using the different parts of the site. It is possible to set the browser to refuse tracking technologies such as cookies or web beacons, however, this may limit the services provided by Stargazer Pole Studio’ website. 

5. Using and disclosing your personal information 

Personal Information will be used for the following primary purpose: 

  • To fulfil obligations under a member’s membership agreement and/or any other contract between him/her/they and Stargazer Pole Studio; 
  • To render services under a member’s membership agreement; 
  • To provide information about products, service and/or special offers to members; 
  • To obtain opinions or comments about products and/or services from members; 
  • To record statistical data for marketing analysis from members. 

Stargazer Pole Studio may employ other companies or service providers to assist us in providing our services, including (but not limited to) marketing, market research, mail-house services, hosting and product development services, analysis of member lists and/ or consulting services. These third parties may have access to personal information that is needed to perform their specific function. They cannot use that information for other purposes. Stargazer Pole Studio recognises the trust with which individuals provide personal information, and such information will not be used or disclosed for any other purposes without consent, except in exceptional cases when disclosure may be required by law or is necessary to protect the rights or property of Stargazer Pole Studio, or any member of the public, or to lessen a serious threat to a person’s health or safety. 

6. Contact by Stargazer Pole Studio

Stargazer Pole Studio does not send advertising information without obtaining prior consent. If an individual receives communications from Stargazer Pole Studio which they do not wish to receive, they may remove their name from the database by contacting Stargazer Pole Studio at admin@StargazerStudios.com.au. 

7. Individual’s right of access 

Individuals have the right to review, amend or delete personal and/or sensitive Information that may be recorded on the Stargazer Pole Studio database. Information may be reviewed, amended or deleted by emailing Stargazer Pole Studio at admin@StargazerStudios.com.au. A request may be made to delete personal and/or sensitive information, and all reasonable steps to delete the information will be made, except where it is required for legal reasons. Deletion of information may result in Stargazer Pole Studio being unable to sell products directly and/or provide certain services including after sales services. 

8. Storage and security of personal and/or sensitive information 

Stargazer Pole Studio takes all reasonable steps to keep secure personal information recorded and to keep this information accurate and up to date. The personal information is stored on secure servers if in digital format, or in locked areas if in hardcopy format. Stargazer Pole Studio staff are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal and/or sensitive information held by Stargazer Pole Studio. Stargazer Pole Studio only permits authorised personnel to access your information and information will only be disclosed to third parties where they have the appropriate authority. We destroy or de- identify personal information we no longer need, wherever possible. 

9. Stargazer Pole Studio and links to other websites 

Stargazer Pole Studio provides links to web sites outside of the Stargazer Pole Studio site. These linked sites are not under the control of Stargazer Pole Studio, and Stargazer Pole Studio is not responsible for the conduct of companies linked to the Stargazer Pole Studio web site, nor for the performance or otherwise of any content and/or software contained in such external websites. 

10. Problems, queries or complaints 

For further information regarding this Privacy Policy or to make a complaint about the steps taken by Stargazer Pole Studio to protect your personal information or privacy, please contact Stargazer Pole Studio by emailing admin@StargazerStudios.com.au. We will investigate any complaints received in writing and do our best to resolve them as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with the result of your complaint to us, you can refer your complaint to the: Office of the Australian Information Commissioner Phone 1300 363 992 Post GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 2001 Online Form: www.oaic.gov.au (Privacy Complaint Form). Stargazer Pole Studio reserves the right to review, amend, update and change this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect its practices and obligations. Any changes will take effect when they are made or posted on our app.