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Pole at your own pace!

Stargazer Studios Pole4All classes are a fun and exciting way to have fun and get fit!

And no, you don’t have to be strong to start!


Stargazer Studios Pole4All classes follow our signature “pole at your own pace” program. Each student in our Pole4All classes works through our core curriculum at a level appropriate to them, and there are 5 levels to progress through:

  1. Beginner – Students working through our beginner curriculum learn how to move and flow up and down and around the pole. By the time you graduate from our beginners’ curriculum, you’ll be super comfortable using the pole as your partner.
  2. Elementary – Students working through our elementary curriculum will start to explore more challenging movements, building strength and flexibility without even realising it. By the time you graduate from our elementary curriculum, you’ll feel comfortable being UPSIDE DOWN on the pole!
  3. Intermediate – The curriculum for our intermediate students starts to explore a variety of different inverted tricks as well a building up your repertoire of ever more beautiful and challenging shapes, spins and combos.
  4. Pre-advanced and Advanced – Our pre-advanced and advanced students are well catered to with a robust curriculum of challenging moves and combos, and an instructor team that loves throwing new, creative and trending tricks at them to keep it fresh.

The “pole at your own pace” structure of our classes means there is never any pressure to progress. You won’t be left behind or forced to repeat a term while your pole-buddies move up a level. Our community is so strong and supportive, partly because we all train together. It’s a common sight to see more experienced students offer a helpful training tip to a less experienced student, and we collectively cheer whenever someone in our community achieves a goal.

Our instructor team are experts in running our mixed level Pole4All classes, supervising each class with a watchful eye while ensuring each student receives one-on-one attention and personalised guidance.

If you have already done pole elsewhere and you’re not sure what level to start at here at Stargazer Studios, book in for a trial Pole4All class and one of our experienced instructors can help to guide and grade you to our curriculum.


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