Deb Roach

Deb Roach is a 3 times International Pole Championship Ultimate Champion title holder, and the owner and founder of Stargazer Studios. Pole was instrumental in healing her relationship with her body and taught her to focus on what she CAN do, rather than those things she can’t. It’s a passion she’s determined to share.

Posts by Deb Roach

What Makes a Good Pole Dancing Teacher?

The best pole dancing teachers have the most experience. The very best pole dancers also make the best teachers. World of Pole’s Dee Heath has a few things to say about all that! Here’s what REALLY makes a great pole dancing instructor.  “YOU DON’T HAVE TO POLE...

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THE GOAL SETTING GUIDE THAT EVERY POLE DANCER NEEDS! There’s no doubt that pole dancing is a lot of fun! The trouble is, when you really start to get into pole dancing, you may discover that learning new moves is more frustrating than you ever could...

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A Few Simple Ways to Increase Your Grip Strength

Have dreams of completing the most complex pole tricks? Don’t let your grip get in the way of achieving your goals! When you first start out, it’s usually quite a surprise how difficult it is to get a good grip on the pole. And just like anything else, it’s likely to...

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4 benefits of starting Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has a bad rap, but it’s about a lot more than sequinned outfits and nightclubs. Here are just four of the unbelievable benefits you can experience when you decide to give pole dancing a try. 1. BUILD STRENGTH So many women spend countless hours of their...

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