Our Instructors

Stargazer Pole Studio runs over 25 classes a week in Blacktown, in Sydney’s western suburbs. These classes are lead by our experienced team of Certified Pole and Fitness Instructors, as well as a number of Teachers in Training.

Let us introduce our team to you…

Deb R

Deb is the owner of Stargazer Studios and was born in Sydney, Australia, without most of her left arm. She entered the limelight of the pole world when she won her division in the International Pole Championships for the first time, in March 2012. Since then, she has toured the world performing, judging and teaching workshops; inspiring students and audiences everywhere to do their best, no matter what.

Follow her on Instagram: @debzillah

Instructor Szilvia M

Deanna B

Deanna has been passionate about pole since 2008. She sees it as a great challenge and you never stop learning. She has strengths and weaknesses and always focuses on both.

“It is a great feeling of achievement knowing that you have finally succeeded in perfecting a trick. I just want to say even as teachers we struggle with tricks so never give up: believe in yourself – you can achieve what your mind believes!!! “

She’s not just super experienced, but super qualified, completing Justine McLucas’ Ecole de Pole “Pole Master” courses from beginner through advanced.

For Deanna, Stargazer Studios is a great community of women who always support one another in every way. The energy and positive environment is amazing.

Deanna finds great enjoyment in seeing students achieve goals/tricks and the effort they put in, even though they may struggle from time to time. She is as encouraging and inspirational as she can be, to help in any way she can.

“It makes me happy to see YOU achieve.”

Follow her on Instagram: @missfitpurple


Rowena got hooked on pole because it gives her freedom to be creative pushing her out of her comfort zone.

She started in 2017 and has now completed both the World of Pole Instructor training, as well as Justine McLucas’ Ecole de Pole “Pole Master” courses. She’s trained in beginners all the way through to advanced! That’s not all – Rowena has been in the fitness industry since 2010. She’s a personal trainer and teaches pilates, barre, boxing and flexibility.

Rowie has now completed her yoga instructor training and is sharing the joy that brings with our students.

Row loves the safe, friendly environment Stargazer offers. In her words, it’s “Not just another dance class: it’s a real community with no judgement that gives me the opportunity to be and express myself.”

As an instructor, she loves the look on all the student’s faces at the end of class. They are all smiles and always grateful. She loves to see progression and how people adapt to each move.

Follow her on Instagram: @rowie_86_pole_dancer

Instructor Szilvia M

Rachel S

Rachel began pole in 2014 and joined our instructor team in 2019. She has completed both the Stargazer Studios Instructor training, as well as Justine McLucas’ Ecole de Pole “Pole Master” Intermediate and Advanced training courses!

Rachel loves being able to help people achieve moves they were too scared or “not strong enough” to do. It’s seeing how proud they feel when they’re recording themselves doing it afterwards that makes her heart sing.

She chooses Stargazer Studios as she believes “Everyone is so lovely, encouraging and understanding”. She trains with us as a student, too – because the classes are super flexible – which important as a shift nurse!

Pole makes her feel amazing, confident and graceful. Unlike swimming:

“I sink like a rock when I try to swim and can only float face down.”

Instructor Szilvia M

Ashleigh B

Ash started pole in 2017 and joined our instructor team in 2019. She has completed both the Stargazer Studios Instructor training, as well as Justine McLucas’ Ecole de Pole “Pole Master” accredited courses all the way through to advanced. Ash is currently studying for her Certificate 3 in Fitness and has a current Working with Children check.

Ash believes Stargazer Studios to be an amazing community of people, where everyone is so encouraging. She started her pole journey here, and it gives her so much confidence while incorporating dance which has done since childhood.

She can’t get enough of seeing the students faces when they nail a move they’ve been working on for ages, just as much as when they surprise themselves and do it first go! As well as teaching Pole4All and Pole+Dance, Ash is one of our amazing Kids Pole instructors. 

Ash has a mantra: “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you”

Follow her on Instagram: @ashthefatninja

Instructor Szilvia M

Mega B

Mega started pole dancing in April 2018, and started teaching in January 2020. She joined the Stargazer Studios teaching team in October 2020.

Mega is an Ecole de Pole Certified Pole Master, having completed this training from beginner all the way through to advanced. She is also a Certified Express Barre Instructor.  She has completed her Stargazer Studios Instructor Training and has a current Working with Children check.

She loves pole dancing because it makes her feel empowered to be who she wants to be. Since starting pole, Mega sees herself differently, and she now has the ingrained belief that she can achieve anything that she puts her mind, heart and soul into. 

Mega loves teaching pole dancing, because she loves sharing her passion. Pole has benefitted her so much in her life, and she wants other people to experience that. At the heart of it, Mega wants to help people to achieve whatever they want to achieve, both in pole and in life.

As well as teaching our regular adults classes, she’s one of our amazing Kids instructors.

Follow her on Instagram: @megz_baac